• Strike Plate 10mm plate behind lifting bar
  • Bale Bar Lifting Bar in 'A' frame. Diameter 65mm EN14
  • Wear Strip Reinforcing flat bar welded to bottom of subframe for extra wear properties. 65 x 10 thick
  • Infills Reinforcing welded between base and subframe runner
  • Crossmembers Floor supports welded onto subframe between crossmembers to support floor
  • Turnbuckle Open rigging screw with a hand operated wheel
  • Cross Bar - Tie Bar - Goalpost Support for sides of container at door end across container. Can be level, raised or raked forwards or backwards. RSC, RHS or Tube.
  • RSC Rolled Steel Channel
  • PFC Parallel Flange Channel
  • PSA Pressed Steel Angle
  • Chip Breakers Strengthener welded to inside of base plate.
  • Swaged Method of joining metal pieces together.
  • Bump Plates Deflectors for directing FEL (Front End Loader) tines into lifting pockets.
  • Charge Box Void space in a compactor that can be filled with waste and pushed into the container via the compacting blade (platen).
  • CHEM Container Handling Equipment Manufacturers Association - not for profit members organisation to establish guidelines for container and vehicle design, to ensure correct interfacing of products and the promotion of health and safety standards in the waste industry.

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