The right size and specification of static compactor will be determined by the size and volume of waste material you are looking to handle and load into the machine. We start with our Simpak 1200 model which is ideal for processing smaller volumes of waste. The Simpak 1500 is physically smaller than the Simpak 1200 but utilises compacting rams set up in a scissor like action. This compactor therefore offers a relatively large charge box in a compact unit, enabling it to process larger volumes of loaded waste when the availability of space is restricted. The Simpak 1800 is our mid to large range compactor suitable for most loading and compacting requirements. The two largest machines in our range (The Simpak 5000 & 7000) are suitable for processing large volumes of waste material – the 7000 is a transfer station type compactor with a full width compacting blade.

The compactors can be manufactured with many hopper variations to accept a variety of manual and mechanical loading requirements. Options include photo electric cells for automatic start, hydraulic clamping, container guides, oil cooler etc.

Power Unit 

Hydraulic power is supplied by an integrated, electrically driven external power pack built top of the rear deck. The force is applied via a double acting hydraulic cylinder *, making full use of the power available. Pressure switches and mechanical overload valves safeguard the system by cutting out when the circuit pressure reaches maximum safe limits.

*The Randalls Simpak 1500 static compactor has two double acting hydraulic cylinders, set up to operate in a scissor like action to reduce space requirements.

Electrical Systems

The main control panel with PLC is situated inside the rear of the machine and incorporates the main isolator. EMERGENCT STOP/start, pre full, full, compactor available and other controls and indicators (if required) are mounted on a separate panel inside a secure box adjacent to the loading area. Power requirements are 415V, 50 HZ on a 3 phase plus earth system.


All units are manufactured to meet the Health & Safety requirements of the Machinery Directive and other relevant safety standards, including CHEM. Safety switches or fixed guards are located at access points to all reachable moving parts. The hydraulic ram is programmed to retract on starting up to ensure safe operation.


To maximise the lifespan of compaction units, we can undertake complete refurbishment of damaged or worn out equipment.

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Model 1200 1500 1800 1800
5000 7000
Charge Box Vol cu.m 1.17 1.53 1.7 1.7 3.46 5.1
Charge Box Loading Aperture Length (mm) 1010 1270 1460 1460 1920 2174
Charge Box Loading Aperture Width (mm) 1410 1415 1420 1420 1517 1952
Charge Box Depth (mm) 825 855 827 827 1187 1205
Packing Blade Height (mm) 773 773 773 773 762 713
Loading Height (minimum) (mm) 1250 1250 1250 1250 1600 2000
Throughout M3/HR 123 125 128 182 177.5 242.0
Compaction Force kgf 17850 19950 25650 35407 45600 45600
Pinning off Force kgf 22000 22800 30000 32750 51300 51300
Overall length (mm) 3230 2160 4133 4133 6481 7240
Overall width (mm) 1750 1772 1750 1750 1740 2200
Width inc. Load binders (mm) 2096 2122 2088 2088 2114 2600
Deck height (mm) 1165 1200 1165 1165 1358 1685
Motor size (kw) 7.5 7.5 7.5 11 22 22
Cycle time (secs) 32 40 45 32 45 45
Power supply 415v, 3ph, 50hz, Neutral and Earth 32A 32A 32A 40A 63A 63A
Blade penetration 200 200 220 220 600 600
All measurements and capacities to CHEM recommendations. More powerful and/or quicker versions are available, please ask. *All measurements and performance data are approximate and are subject to change due to ongoing development.

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